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Our charter complies with the General Data Protection Regulation

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 Site regulations in accordance with the General Data Protection Rules applicable since May 25, 2018

Collection of data

During your first access to our site, you sent us a minimum of information about yourself: last name, first name, email address, ... 

In addition, other non-sensitive information can be placed in your courses throughout your training. 

During your registration you ticked the acceptance of this charter and your real existence has been verified (Captcha version 2), otherwise you could not register. 

Throughout your activity on our site you have access through your profile page to a number of orders allowing you to contact the data protection officer and claim the copy or destruction of your personal data. 

Data retention period

Even after your training and after you have unsubscribed from our platform, the data concerning you will remain stored for six years on our database even if they are inaccessible. 

You have a contact form to request the communication of this data or their deletion. In general, the turnaround time does not exceed a few days.

Purpose of the data collected

The data collected is exclusively useful for your training and exchanges between us. They remain registered in the database of the platform so that during any subsequent re-registration, your old data can reappear. 

By registering on this distance learning platform, you authorize us to use, without financial compensation (or any advantage), still or moving images of your person (profile picture). 

Please be advised that the information you place on this site will never be communicated to commercial organizations and are stored in the database of the platform that is located on this secure site (https), not accessible directly through the web. 

You take responsibility for any copyrights, images or documents you deposit in your courses which releases us from any liability in this regard.

Information about your rights and obligations

As indicated, by this chart, you will be aware that your IP address is registered at each login and may be visible to the administrator when viewing the logs. Including our parser linked to our host. 

Moreover, out of respect for people, you are forbidden to make sexist remarks and must submit to the principle of neutrality. 

Please note that access to your training is strictly personal. In particular, the sharing of your login credentials with third parties for the purpose of benefiting one or more other persons of this benefit constitutes an immediate and unrequited rupture of the moral contract that binds you to us without prejudging the possible criminal proceedings. 

You should also note that, for reasons of confidentiality, only the administrator and the manager of the platform can log in "under your name" for interventions or technical verifications, without having access to your password as part of the training. 

Your password is personal, transmitted in encrypted mode, and is not known to anyone, not even the administrator. Do not broadcast it to anyone. In case of loss you can request a new password during your unsuccessful login attempt or contact us. In the latter case, we assign you a temporary password with the obligation to change it. 

In accordance with the regulations on the protection of personal data in force, you have a right of access, rectification, deletion (right to forget), limitation of processing, portability of data, opposition and automated individual decision-making, including profiling information about you. 

You can exercise this right because contact links are now available in your profile to contact the Data Protection Officer. 

Note that changes / deletions will be made after verification within a maximum period of 30 days upon receipt of the message whose e-mail address of the sender must be consistent with that indicated when registering on this platform.